The hours leading up to launch…

Well here it is. February 3, 2017. The day that we plan to finally launch Food Allergy Families! In a few hours, content on the site will be published and the Burch Family will begin another chapter in our Food Allergy Family story.

As I work through more understanding of the technical aspects of this site, I wanted to pause and make sure that I’m clear with everyone about this site: We have no grand plans for it. 🙂  We simply want to continue connecting and sharing with all of you. We will begin with blog posts based on our family and our experiences but we intend to share stories of others as well. Our Food Allergy Family is not just those people who live in our house. Not just those people who have a biological tie to us or visit with us on holidays. Not just who we say is part of our ‘family’. I don’t know about you but for me, if you live with food allergies, love someone with them, or are here to learn, then you are all part of it has created a distinct, strong and supportive community and that community is Food Allergy Families.

We have been helped by and learned so much from all of you. It’s our turn to give some of that back.

Xoxo to all




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